It’s no surprise that the POD Squad are a team like no other! Highly qualified in child development and expertly trained, each of our childcare professionals bring something unique to the table – their very own brand of superpower to nurture children’s curiosity, celebrate their individuality and completely delight the children they care for.

Laura - POD Preschool Teacher

Our fully qualified primary school teacher, Laura builds exceptional educational experiences around each child. Using the POD curriculum as a guide rather than a rule book, her goal is for the children to develop a love of learning and become happy little warriors; ready to step into their school shoes with a big confident smile!

Jade - POD Manager

Our resident storyteller, song-singer and POD Manager, Jade has been a big part of our POD journey since day one. She’s calm, super-organised and the go-to person for all our POD families. If you’re new to the POD, we understand you’ll have lots of questions and there’s no woman better for the job. No query is too silly, just ask away!

Sophie - Founder of The POD

Anything is possible when it comes to Sophie. No dream is too big, no idea too crazy, no wish too unachievable. A qualified teacher and creative visionary, she reimagined childcare in 2015, creating a magical haven where children feel happy, safe, and inspired while catering to your family's unique needs.

Our POD Squad

Each member of our team has their own super skill! From craft conjurer to junk model maestro to marvellous musician. Just like the children we care for, we encourage our team members to be individuals, to pursue their passions and to use their imagination in everything they do.

Meet the rest of our POD Squad