About Us

Behind the Magic

We’ve always done things differently at Practically Family; that’s because being a parent is totally different from what it used to be.

We were founded back in 2015 with the ethos that families who don’t fit the typical 9-5 need a childcare service to support them. A service that doesn’t make them feel guilty or has them hurtling around town to avoid a late fee, sees them pleading for favours from family or presents them with a juggling headache as each school holiday looms.

Beginning life as bespoke wraparound childcare service, we were a runaway success for non-traditional parents. In no time, we were being asked to offer the same practical magic around the clock! Today, we help with all sorts of services for all sorts of families. We’ve seen it all - births, weddings, divorces, graduations and reunions, and through every event of modern parenting, we’ve always been Practically Family. We’re proud to work with schools, local authorities and other agencies to support thousands of families throughout the North West.

About us

Meet Sophie

Founder of Practically Family, proud mum of two and ardent challenger of the status quo. Sophie’s love of childcare came from a surprisingly creative background, when she was offering her own childcare services to help pay her way through art school.

Her passion for childcare grew, training and qualifying to become a teacher, as did her realisation that traditional childcare was a million miles away from modern parenting.

Her creative background helped sprinkle magic over every service Practically Family provides, which explains why the kids are just as hooked as the adults! From Holiday clubs with a real sense of adventure and excitement, to educational and entertaining Mary Poppins-style bag of magic tricks, Sophie’s sense of fun, warmth, imagination and innate knack of knowing how to entertain children, influences everything we do.

Sophie has become such an integral part of our families’ lives that she’s been asked to be (fairy) god-mother to six of our children!

About us

Our Talented Team of Magic-Makers

It takes a village to raise a child, or so the saying goes! Which is why Practically Family invests so much in our team members, doing everything we can to support them, train them and encourage them. Their commitment in return means that you’ll see the same familiar and trusted faces as your children grow, and the bond between your children and our team will go way beyond those in traditional childcare settings.

Each member of our team has their own super skill! From baking boss to outdoor adventurer, junk model maestro to hero hair braider. Just like the children we care for, we encourage our team members to be individuals, to pursue their passions and to use their imagination in everything they do. So, no matter what interests your kids have, we have the perfect person to keep them entertained.
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