Meet The POD Squad
Each member of our team has their own super skill! From craft conjurer to junk model maestro to marvellous musician. Just like the children we care for, we encourage our team members to be individuals, to pursue their passions and to use their imagination in everything they do.

Sophie - Dream Weaving Founder

Fun Fact: Sophie is (fairy) god-mother to SIX children she's cared for. A visionary founder, Sophie transformed childcare into a magical place at The POD. Her warmth and creative touch ensures little (and big) ones feel happy, safe, and inspired.

Jade – POD Manager & Treasure Trove of Knowledge

Fun Fact: Has a big dog called Marley. Jade, our organizational wizard, turns goals into reality. Her warmth, humor, and knowledge make her a big hug in human form.

Laura – POD Preschool Pied-Piper

Fun Fact: Has family in down-under in Australia! Laura weaves enchantment into everything she touches. Her creativity, support, and outside-the-box thinking make her truly magical.

Rachael - The Ambitious Dreamer

Fun Fact: Takes singing lessons. Rachael's gentle determination, knowledge, and passion for inclusivity inspire us to aim high and dream big.

Jess W - The Master Builder 

Fun Fact: Masters the art of building colossal towers. Jess, a quiet creative, connects with everyone, bringing calm, smiles, and a touch of imagination to every interaction.

Jordan - The Sporty Energizer

Fun Fact: Fluent in French, oo-la-la! Jordan's sporty prowess is matched only by his contagious laughter. He's straight to the point and endlessly supportive.

LuLu - The Sign Language Supremo

Fun Fact: Loves to read Tarot cards. LuLu spreads positivity and colour in every direction. She's a gentle encourager, helping all achieve their full potential.

Mags - The Silly Super-Mover

Fun Fact: Loves dancing and hails from South Africa. Mags, with her infectious humour and organisation skills, keeps us entertained whilst using her amazing teaching skills to wow the little ones.

Tash - The Happy Snapper

Fun Fact: Loves to sing and takes amazing photos. Tash's bubbly personality, creativity, and thoughtfulness keep us entralled and inspired.

Boey - The Musical Sensation

Fun Fact: Flute teacher and orchestra player. Boey's gentle, intelligent, and sensible nature, coupled with her musical talents, enrich our playtime and cuddle sessions.

Cindy - The Culinary Artist

Fun Fact: Loves a bit of DIY. Cindy's cheerful, generous, and friendly spirit adds extra flavor to our days with her delicious home-cooked wonders.

Ellie - The Easygoing Adventurer

Fun Fact: Rides a motorbike. Ellie's calm, funny, and brave demeanor brings a sense of adventure and relaxation to our nursery.

Rhia - The Makaton Maestro

Fun Fact: Multi-instrumentalist (ukulele, keyboard, banjo). Rhia's sociable, considerate, and witty presence adds musicality and laughter to our daily routines.

Kerry - The Team Spirit Enthusiast

Fun Fact: Used to paint children's murals. Kerry's creativity, softness, and boundless energy foster team unity and ignite imaginative journeys.

Megan - The Laughter Generator

Fun Fact: Had football trials at Manchester United in year 3. Megan's confidence, tidiness, and childlike silliness brighten our days with laughter and joy. As long as we're not too messy!

Fay - The Organisational Wizard

Fun Fact: Horse enthusiast for 20 years. Fay's enthusiasm, cheeky charm, and hard work ensure a well-organised and fun-filled day, every day!

Bre - The Curiosity Cultivator

Fun Fact: Worked in Greece. Bre's careful, kind, and focused approach nurtures curiosity and thoughtfulness in all our little explorers.

Grant - The Gentle Giant

Fun Fact: Plays semi-pro basketball. Grant, our health and well-being champion, combines his kindness and athleticism to create a caring, sporty atmosphere. He's a thoughtful, good-hearted listener.

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