Real life superpowers

Meet The Team

It takes a special kind of someone to be asked to join the Practically Family team. Highly qualified and expertly trained, each of our childcare professionals also have unlimited imagination, an unstoppable sense of adventure and the uncanny knack of turning the familiar into fun! As well as unique superpowers from hair braiding to Lego building, den making to brilliant baking that completely delight the children they care for.

Founder of Practically Family

Anything is possible when it comes to Sophie. No dream is too big, no idea too crazy, no wish too unachievable. As a qualified teacher and proud mum of two, Sophie was perfectly placed to reimagine what childcare looks like for modern families, propelling her to set up Practically Family in 2015.

Her creative background in the arts helps her sprinkle magic over everything she does, which explains why the kids are just as hooked as the adults. Sophie has become such an integral part of our families’ lives that she’s been asked to be (fairy) god-mother to six of our children!

Magic Maker
Financial Director

A true family business, Kane is the ying to Sophie’s yang, the logic to her creative, the husband who makes all Sophie’s zany ideas a reality! As the keeper of spreadsheets, Kane has the uncanny ability to not only be a whizz with numbers but also a hotshot with a hammer, leading his team of builders to create Sophie’s vision for POD. To escape the frenzy, you’ll find him giving Tiger Woods a run for his money on the golf course.

Master Builder
Practically Family Manager

Our explorer come adventurer, Lucy’s imagination and creativity knows no bounds and will have your child swimming through shark infested waters in your back garden and spying for dragons in the trees. Her creative knows no bounds - absolutely anything goes! With 10 years of dedicated childcare experience and hands on energy as mummy to Poppy, Lucy is the fearless leader you want in charge.

Creative conjuror
Holiday Club Manager & Health & Wellbeing Champion

Kirsty is the ball of energy that keeps us all moving, jumping and out in the fresh air. Passionate about wellbeing in the workplace as well as the practice of mindfulness and calm amongst our children, Kirsty is a qualified mental health first aider and a highly experienced childcare practitioner. And, as captain of FC United’s Women Team, she guaranteed to always hit her goals.

Wellness warrior
POD Manager

Through the power of stories and song, Jade delights in transporting your child into the depths of their imagination. Eternally calm and patient, she is willing to listen to your child’s wild tales of adventure, challenging them to explore a bit further. With POD since its inception and a stationery fiend, there’s no one more qualified to lead the POD team and keep everything in order.

Storytelling supremo
Training & Development Coordinator

With over 20 years’ experience as both a childcare practitioner and nanny, Rivkah is not only a big softie with our children, but she also heads up our training and ongoing professional development - a skill she learnt as head elf in lapland (true!) Always pushing us to challenge ourselves and excel in our endeavours, she inspires our children to reach for the stars.

Dancing dynamo
POD Pre School Teacher

Our fully qualified primary school teacher, Laura is driven by her privileged role in your child’s early educational journey. Calling them her little ‘sponges’, her calm and patient nature combined with her playful, silly side means kids are naturally drawn to her. Yet, as busy mum to Archie and Alice, and wannabe black belt kickboxer, Laura is not to be messed with!

Rib-tickling joker
POD Deputy, Early Years Teacher & SEN Coordinator

Becoming a SENCO has always been Rachael’s dream and so she is hugely passionate about providing fun, engaging and inclusive activities for all of our children. An enthusiastic mountain climber, Racheal adores sharing adventures and exploring new things, helping your little ones to reach the heady heights of their own potential. She may burst into song…but don’t worry she’s taking lessons!

Singing sensation
Practically Wild Educator

Kim is a Forest School qualified outdoor whizz! She is primarily based in The POD and uses the rich outside area for experimentation and play, helping to deliver our Eco and Green Commitment. She is brilliant at nurturing the children’s curiosity for the natural world around them and her enthusiasm for the great outdoors is limitless - she’s our very own Dora the Explorer.

Green Goddess
Our team members work across a range of our Services, providing consistent care from a familiar face, that gives you complete peace of mind.
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