Our special preschool gets your little sparks, aged 3 to 5 years, ready for big school and a bright future!

We believe EVERY child has the right to shine. All children are different and want to learn and discover in their own ways. Yes, we set ambitious goals and encourage every child to reach for the stars. But it’s also fine to take both straight and wiggly paths to get there. It’s all part of the fun.

Why Choose POD Preschool?

Our Ofsted registered preschool class sizes are purposely kept small so that we can really focus on them as individuals. We want all children to have the tools to learn and discover their passions in a supportive environment built around their needs, not ours. We will never push, pigeon-hole or pressure them.

We have two classes, the Dolphins and the Orcas, chosen for their love of pod life! We structure our class days around focussed learning, such as phonics, literacy, maths, and free-play where we explore more creative concepts such as art and design, the outdoor world and science.

We build exceptional educational experiences around them, using our curriculum as a guide rather than a rule book. We’d much rather spend meaningful time with the children helping them to progress with the right language and tools to set them up for lifelong learning than simply tick boxes.

See Us in Action!

To arrange a showround or book your place at POD Preschool call us on 0161 439 5000 or email POD Manager Jade at: jade@practicallyfamily.co.uk

We’re here to guide, surprise and create a sense of wonderment that will help your children develop a love of learning and become happy little warriors who are resilient, independent, capable and brave; ready to step into their school shoes with a big confident smile! - Jade, POD Manager