Holiday Club


They’re one of the gang, full of energy, enthusiasm and total awesomeness. But don’t be fooled…all our team are fully teacher and childcare qualified so will be developing child led play, guided by the early years and key stage frameworks. Sshhhh the kids will be learning, and they won’t even know it!

Grant – Holiday Club Lead

Grant is our kind-hearted, gentle giant, Holiday Club Lead who also happens to be a semi pro basketball player, earning him major cool points with our Clubbers. He will be one of the first faces you see each morning at Club, smiling and eager to make sure your kids have a ball!

Rivkah – Crew Leader

Rivkah is highly experienced in childcare and probably the biggest softie of us all! The children always gravitate to her for comfort and cuddles. Her boundless enthusiasm encourages the children to be brave and reach for the stars….a magical skill she learnt as Head Elf at Lapland (true!)

Tash - Crew Leader

Tash is our wild child, with an infectious laugh and endless oomph, that sees her first on the inflatables and getting soaked in the water fights. She keeps everyone’s energy levels high and the camp buzzing with excitement. The kids think she’s ACE!

Amy – Crew Leader

Amy’s confidence and knack for encouraging independence means our older clubbers are naturally drawn to her ability to help them build self-belief and resilience. She’s cool, unflappable and always has a smile on her face.

Chelsea – Crew Leader

Chelsea is brimming with wacky ideas the children love. You’ll find her romping in the forest, catching frogs and having everyone in stitches with her bonkers stories. She’s all heart, warm and a little eccentric…but that’s why everyone adores her.

Hannah – Crew Leader

Hannah is calm, funny and incredibly supportive. She loves a proper good chat with our Clubbers which is probably why so many turn to her when they have something on their mind. A long-standing crew member with oodles of experience, she’s seen many of our children grow their wings and fly!

Alex T – Crew Leader

Our resident comedian and all round big kid, Alex loves to make people laugh and his humour is oh so infectious! His happy-go-lucky nature, also makes him calm as a cucumber and is exactly who you need to have around in high energy situations!