Our Curriculum

How we learn at The POD

We see all our children as little individuals with their own different mountains to climb and worlds to explore. We want all children to have the tools to learn and discover their passions in a supportive environment built around their needs, not ours. Our team of highly qualified and expertly trained POD Pals are here to guide, surprise and create a sense of wonderment that will help your child develop a love of learning and become happy little warriors who are resilient, independent, capable and brave.


We believe every child has the right to shine. All children are different and want to learn and discover in their own ways. That’s why, as well as bringing our own special brand of magic, our teaching is always inclusive, respectful and fair. Children are the centre of our world. We build exceptional educational experiences around them, turning disadvantage into advantage and prejudice into promise. Our POD people are focused on closing gaps in learning for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and spotting special educational needs quickly to give every child the best chance in school and in life.


We love everything about kids. The giggles, the tears, the crazy questions, the messy play, the noisy days and the quiet time. Children are loved and cared for as if they’re our own. We want parents to feel like they can trust us like family members to look out for their child’s interests and take a genuine interest in their development. We create an inviting, warm and nurturing space where children can be themselves, learn in their own way and acquire skills that will make them fly.


We see our curriculum as a guide rather than a rule book. We set ambitious goals and encourage every child to reach for the stars. But it’s fine to take both straight and wiggly paths to get there. We believe no child’s learning journey should be mapped out and will constantly adapt and tweak our teaching plans to meet their individual needs. Our staff are highly trained in multiple approaches to learning and will choose the best parts of different curriculums to suit each child. We’d rather spend meaningful time with the kids helping them to develop the right language and tools to set them up for lifelong learning than simply tick boxes.


Children are sponges for knowledge and we give them plenty of exciting opportunities to soak it up. Whether it’s letting imaginations run wild in independent play or inspiring young minds through guided learning, we create a broad mix of environments that help them to learn in their own way. We invite toddlers to explore the world through play and pre-schoolers solve problems in groups, all in a space that’s supportive, friendly and fun. Our fantastic facilities take a holistic approach to learning, covering everything from inquiry-based to constructivist learning. Which means that children can be counting shapes in soft play one minute and learning outdoors the next.


Our POD Pals know children inside and out. They are highly qualified in child development and understand how to match activities to learning outcomes. Every session has a sprinkling of magic and wonder which means children feel supported, not scrutinised. Our deep knowledge of the EYFS framework and numerous other teaching methods from around the world means we instantly know whether a child is meeting their educational goals. By focusing on real-world observations rather than one-off tests, we can assess children in a more natural way without them feeling under the microscope.


We take turns. We know right from wrong. We listen to others and help our friends. Every child is encouraged to develop healthy habits from the start. Our babies are taught how to communicate and our older children to understand their feelings and self-regulate their emotions. Ultimately, we help children to become responsible for their own personal needs. They learn to dress themselves, brush their teeth, go to the toilet independently and know how to choose the right foods. These are the building blocks of creating awesome little people who are confident, resilient, caring and respectful.


Our parents are like old friends. They know we will be there for them for life. We build bonds with them from the start and really get to know their families, so we can work together to provide the best support network for each and every child. We talk to parents after every session and never limit the amount of time we spend. For children who stay with us longer than 10 hours, we record their progress in Tapestry and give regular feedback on their progress. We are much more than a nursery. Everyone in the family has a place in our hearts and a space in our family, from babies to big brothers to grandparents. We take time to understand family dynamics and develop strong partnerships with our parents to give them the best starting point and support for their family to flourish.