5 Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem and Celebrate Their Individuality
Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde. At Practically Family there’s nothing we love more than kids. Little individuals marching to the beat of their own tune. Finding out what makes our kids tick, what ignites their curiosity and allows us to celebrate their individuality, is all part of our ethos.
It won’t surprise you that we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to learning. We constantly adapt and tweak our learning environment to match the individual needs of all our children. Our curriculum is designed to nurture and celebrate individuality. To cultivate and champion everything that makes each child unique. To be a place where children can truly shine.

We know that when kids have a strong sense of belonging, the freedom to explore topics and the confidence to voice opinions, they automatically gain a social, emotional, and educational advantage. They become free to be themselves. Whether it’s at our POD or at our Holiday Clubs, you’ll see our commitment to celebrating individuality at every age and stage. But celebrating your child’s individuality doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. If you’re looking for ideas to help your little one’s light shine a bit brighter, then check out these simple ways you can help inspire and celebrate your child’s individuality at home.

Celebrating individuality - our ethos

1. Be Their Biggest Fans

You already know your little one is all kinds of awesome, so make sure you’re supporting what they think is ‘cool’ by showing an interest in the things that they love. When we see an activity sparks joy in our children, we gently expand on that area of interest with other activities that deepen their learning. If you want to use the same approach at home, our tip is to keep it simple. Dinosaur mad? Why not head to the library and look at dinosaur books or go on a dinosaur hunt in your garden? If your child loves a particular story, try using it as a focus for a new activity by crafting those much-loved characters via junk modelling or (for older children) thinking up alternative endings or spin-off ideas to the original tale. Supporting and encouraging what they love is guaranteed to keep them coming back for more.

2. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get Involved

If they are a football fanatic or wild about the outdoors, then look at ways YOU can get involved in the fun too. From camping to craft afternoons, baking to basketball, rolling your sleeves up and getting involved in whatever is currently floating their boat, is an easy way to positively encourage their interest. Letting them lead the activity (it’s their passion after all) helps build a strong sense of self too. Tapping into activities that make your child happy is the perfect way, to not only boost their well-being, but to show that you’re supporting something they love. Validating your child’s interests by giving it a go is a total self-esteem booster all around. Who knows, you might even enjoy it too!

Celebrating individuality - our ethos

3. Introduce Them to New Things

Getting a sense of the world around them is so important for enquiring minds. By looking at what inspires your child, what’s engaging them, you can up the ante by opening their eyes to experiences that either build on their existing knowledge or exposes them to something new. At Practically Family we might invite inspiring visitors (especially the fluffy kind) to the POD, or at our Holiday c=Clubs bring in equipment to create exciting new adventures. At home, the principle is the same. Visiting a farm, trying out that new bike park or seeing a favourite story performed on stage all add different dimensions to your child’s experiences. Finding new passions or working out what they like (or don’t), helps encourage your child’s growing individuality and identity.

4. Encourage Their Dreams

What the children do today, informs tomorrow. Does your little one love to dance? Do they love sport or music? Giving your child the opportunity to try new things is a wonderful way to build their character. From joining extra-curricular activities and clubs, to developing new skills at home, like cooking or gardening, encouraging interests and celebrating their emerging talents all helps to make little people shine. At Practically Family our staff are not afraid to celebrate our own individuality. We have a wonderful team of talent that ranges from qualified dancers, forest school fanatics to sports coaches. If you have a passion yourself, then sharing it with your child is a great way to spark their interest or even ignite a new one. Children are motivated by seeing their role models immersed in something they love. It’s a brilliant way to demonstrate how following your dreams and doing what you really love, makes you, uniquely you.

Celebrating individuality - our ethos

5. Help Them Make Goals (& Smash Them)

Getting a sense of achievement or accomplishment is a wonderful way to boost your child’s sense of individuality. So, what does your little one want to achieve? Goals for older children can be as simple as learning to ride a bike or climbing a tree that they’ve never braved before. Getting children to think about what really matters to them, and letting them work towards that goal, can really help their individuality shine.

Setting joint goals is a great way to boost little personalities whilst having fun too. From working together to build a Lego tower as high as the sofa or going on a scavenger hunt to find biggest collection of conkers, children can gain a lot from joint activities that can succeed (or fail). From problem solving to communication skills, having a goal, and aiming for something can be a powerful motivator whatever their age.

Whether at home, at the POD or at our Holiday Clubs, igniting individuality is the BEST way to give your kids all the skills they need to fly. For some children it may come easily, for others growing wings can take a little longer. So, our promise is simple.  With lots of encouragement, oodles of support and of course a sprinkle of our Practically Family magic, we will help every child navigate their own personal learning journey. Then, when their time is right, when their wings are ready, together, we will watch them soar.

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