For flexible plays, longer stays and pre-school days.

We understand how important it is to find a place where your children feel happy, safe and secure, but also a place that can flex around you and your family’s needs.

How Do You POD?

We help parents and carers to navigate the unpredictability of life with creative childcare support. Traditional settings can be very restrictive with set days and times, holiday fees and late charges. This doesn’t work if you have irregular working hours or last-minute plans. The POD is here to change childcare for good.

Whether you want a block booking or single session, your hours can be flexible, fixed or full-time. No contracts, no commitments, no worries.



Great for part-time podders!
If you don’t know whether you’re coming or going from one week to the next, this one’s for you. Maybe you work shifts, have flexible workdays or just need to run a few last-minute errands. With POD & PLAY you still get all the magic, love and support from our qualified team, but you can dip in and out whenever you want.



Great for practical podders!

No more dashing home from work to avoid the nursery late fees! POD & PLAN lets you pick days and hours completely on your own terms. They don’t have to be the same each week, but you’ll have the reassurance of regular childcare support whenever you need it. Plus, a dedicated POD Pal, individualised targets and updates on Tapestry if this is more than 10 hours each week.



Great for preschool podders!

POD & PREPARE is our magical preschool run by one of our qualified primary school teachers and assistants, to get your little sparks, aged 3 to 5 years, ready for big school and a bright future. If you need a full week of childcare, with the option of wraparound care in the early morning or after school hours, then this is for you! Find out more about POD Preschool.


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