2024 dates released!
We’re all cut from different cloths. Some of us like to fly by the seat of our pants, others have colour-coded diaries planned with military precision.
Whichever camp you sit in, we thought it would be useful to have all the dates for POD and Holiday Club in one place!

POD remains open throughout, but our creative themes will change with each term. If you have a POD Preschooler looking for non-term time childcare or just want your child to experience new things, you may want to try Holiday Club.

Fill your boots!


The POD:

Open throughout, 5 days a week  BOOK NOW

POD Preschool Term Times:


Spring Term 1: Monday 8th January - Friday 9th February

Spring Term 2: Monday 19th February - Friday 29th March

Summer Term 1: Monday 15th April - Friday 24th May

Summer Term 2: Monday 10th June - Friday 26th July

Autumn Term 1: Begins Monday 2nd September 2024

To book a preschool place please contact POD Manager, Jade, on 0161 439 5000 or email: jade@practicallyfamily.co.uk


Holiday Clubs: 

‘May Dayz’ 2024 Whit Holiday Club: Tuesday 28th May 2024 - Friday 31st May 2024

‘Summerstock’ 2024 Summer Holiday Club: Monday 15th July 2024 - Friday 30th August 2024

Please Note: When a holiday club finishes we open up bookings for the next holiday club the following day. Booking links can be found here.


If you’d like to find out more about the practical magic we can bring to your family please get in touch.
Call 07581 156684 or email sophie@practicallyfamily.co.uk