February Folk - Fun, Folklore and Magic this February Half Term
Let us tell you a story… This is a magnificent, magical tale about a fantastic group of little (and big) people called the February Folk and the adventures, fun and laughter they all had one glorious February half term.
That’s right parent people, it’s time to blow away those winter cobwebs and get ready for fun, fun fun with an extra sprinkle of magic this February half term as we discover magic, myths and legends all linked to our “February Folk” theme.

February Folk is exactly what it says on the tin. We’re going to “folk-us” on all things related to “Folk” - think a wonderful world of folklore, folktales, folk-music and folk-art. It’s where we can explore rich stories, made-up myths, legends & lore, fictitious fables, and fairy tales. This is a gloriously rich theme the kids will absolutely love getting transported into. Who doesn’t love a bit of whimsical and wild adventures, enchanting games and clever craft? Did we mention it’s educational too?

We’ll still be climbing trees, splashing in puddles and doing all the lovely hands-on, sensory stuff we’re known for but as always, adding a bit of Practically Family magic to the mix.

Here’s what you can expect.


Going Practically Wild about Magic, Myth and Legends

It's time to be outdoor adventurers! We will be taking us back to nature and back in time as we explore magic, myths and legends. Myths and legends are stories that started off as ways to explain the natural world, but they are so much more than that. Teaching us about scientific discoveries, history, culture and beliefs from the past, they make the perfect fireside tales to spark little imaginations. We’ll be looking at some gorgeous Greek myths, capturing Dragons Sneezes (clue it’s about starting fires with a wonderful tale to accompany it), we’ll become alchemists, potion makers and fairy hunters. We will catch dragons and scour the skies for winged Pegasus, we’ll crouch down low and enter a magical underground world from beetles to worms. We’ll even explore some of the local lore – with Alderley’s tale of The Weirdstone of Brisingamen - full of magic and wizardry.

children enjoying outdoor activities

Folk-art Inspired Activities and Fun

We’ll be casting our spell indoors too, with oodles of creative crafts and hands on fun for everyone to enjoy. We’ll be looking at traditional folk-art techniques from all around the world through painting, colouring, weaving, and sculpting. Looking at folk-art inspired patterns and design and making some of our own. It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t some gloop, goo, or other sticky stuff for our kids to enjoy too! We’ll be getting everyone moving with folk influenced drama and dance plus making some instruments too in our craft sessions. There’s absolutely loads to do!

children doing art and crafts

There’s Nothing Quite Like Team Spirit

Adding to the sense of adventure and spirit are all our wonderful ‘active’ games, designed to keep little bodies busy and bring some fun, friendly competitive spirit into the mix.

With kid approved favourites like the floor is lava, nerf challenges and obstacle courses that make everyone giddy, we will be throwing on our coloured team tabards and getting the games on.  Building friendships though teamwork and fostering positive team spirit is something we simply love to do. The kids will hop, skip, and jump their way into lateral thinking games, problem solving challenges and test their coordination, balance and so much more!

children working in teams and friendships

What Should You Bring?

We all know February weather is a bit unpredictable but in true Practically Family style, we won’t let that stop us. The main thing we care about is keeping your little ones warm and dry - whatever the weather throws at us. So, bring a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves to keep them toasty. Then, all they need is a backpack with a packed lunch (nut free), drink and as many snacks as you like – we’ll also have plenty of healthy snacks and water available. A set of spare clothes is also a good idea!

Add to the excitement of getting club ready by letting your little one help pack their bag. This way they know what belongs to them too!

We’ll have loads of healthy snacks and water to drink throughout the day. If you want to bring a packed lunch, you can or after you’ve booked your child’s place, we’ll be in touch to offer a cold lunch option.

Then simply leave the rest to us.

We can't wait to see you all!


Sold Out!

February Folk 2023 is sold out, but bookings are open for our 'Easter Eggstravaganza’ Holiday Club: Monday 3rd April - Friday 14th April 2023 and ‘May Dayz’ Whit Holiday Club: Monday 29th May - Friday 9th June 2023.

Whether you’re a working parent or just fancy a bit of peace and quiet, we’re keeping our sessions fantastically flexible; as usual so you can dip in and out however you fancy – who said flexible childcare was a myth eh?

Full Days: 8am - 6pm

Short Days: 9am - 3pm

Morning Sessions: 9am - 1pm

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