20 Fun-Filled Family Friendly Things to Do This Summer
Ah sun-kissed summer days! They’re just brill aren’t they! You know what makes them EVEN better??? A summer activity list! Who doesn’t love a jam-packed summer schedule of family fun?
In true Practically Family style, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together 20 fun-filled family friendly things to do this summer. Low cost (hurrah) and easy to do (double hurrah) and just perfect for the kiddos! This is wholesome family fun with bells on!

Our summer activity list is full to the brim with ideas for all ages so why not try something new? Who knows it might even become a family favourite!

From creative craft perfect for balmy summer afternoons, picnic feasts or adventurous bike rides, these are 20 easy-peasy activities you can whip up in a jiffy. Perfect for those in-between days when boredom strikes!

Fill up those school-free summer days and make this the *best* summer ever!

20 activities to do this summer

There’s no shortage of fun to be had this summer so why not put our activity list to the test?

Whichever way you choose to pack the enjoyment in to the six-week holidays, let us know! We LOVE to see what you’re getting up to. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us in your photos as you cross off these activities!

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You’ll never hear “I’m bored” again!
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