Practically Family Holiday Club Highlights from a Smashing Summer of Fun!
Wow what a summer! Whilst we’re sad it’s over we can’t help but smile at the memories we’ve made. That’s what summer is all about really isn’t it?
We’ve had a jam-packed schedule of fun; we’ve kept minds and bodies active all in preparation for the next school year. But hands down, the best thing about our Holiday Club is always the muddy knees and smiling faces! So, as you get ready to sharpen those pencils, and officially remember what day of the week it is, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recap on some of the best bits…


There was Mess

Mess glorious mess and lots of it. Slime of all types, glorious gloop, shaving foam fun, playdoh, glue and glitter. We LOVE messy play for all its sensory benefits plus the fact that there is no “right way” to do any of it – hurrah for open ended exploratory play! With junk modelling, painting (in all kinds of crazy creative ways), baking treats like Rice Krispy cakes, we’ve done the lot. We’ve covered every oozy, fluffy, stretchy, bouncy substance known to child, and we’ve loved every sticky minute. Cherry on top of the cake? We handled the mess, so you didn’t have to. You’re welcome!

photos of children attending holiday club stockport


There was Nature

Okay, so maybe we’re a little bit biased, but we can’t think of a better summer than getting our fill of outside fun and wow did we do that! Fantastic fresh air, oodles of screen-free time and we’re pretty certain we managed to unlock everyone’s inner nature explorer!

We work with the totally awesome Jo Rose Brewerton (@theoutdoorslady) to put together our brilliant Practically Wild adventures.  We’ve left no stone unturned – literally – in letting little imaginations run wild.

We’ve climbed trees, built dens, hunted for mini beasts. Made journey sticks, done poo hunts (yes really). We’ve had hot chocolates galore, made fires and learnt what a dragon’s sneeze is (clue it’s about starting fires with a gorgeous story to boot), we’ve toasted marshmallows, we’ve foraged, we’ve made many mud pies. We’ve loved being connected with nature well as enjoying lots of outdoor fun and games. Best bit? We’ve seen characters blossom and children grow!


There was Competition

We’ve had exciting and competitive team games and activities. From water fights to chess tournaments and everything in-between. We’ve had winners and losers. We’ve lost gracefully after a nail-biter of a game; we’ve thoroughly thrived in a bit of healthy competition because guess what, we’ve lost and felt good! We’ve cheered winners on and been empathetic to the losers. We’ve hosted mini-Olympics, talent shows, treasure hunts and party games. We’ve been team players, supporters and cheerleaders. We’ve loved every game.

photos of children attending holiday club stockport


There was the Weather

Did someone say unpredictable weather? Pah! Our outdoorsy fun isn’t kyboshed by a bit of drizzle. It’s perfect mud pie weather! Whilst we’ve enjoyed some of the balmy summer sunshine and fresh air, we’ve embraced the torrential rain, the drizzle and the blustery days too. Our plans for fun aren’t weather dependent, we’ve embraced the UK weather in all its beautiful glory. Mud kitchens and even mud baths. We’ve seen it all this summer and have the tan lines and muddy boots to prove it.


There were Friendships

Cue a lump in the throat. At the heart of what we do is always friendship. Our ultimate favourite thing about summer is how the children worked together and how new friendships were formed. It doesn’t just sound terrific it was!

There’s been a whole lot of love – from caring for the pets – our chickens, tortoises and rabbits – to how the older kids looked out for the younger ones. We’ve seen smiling faces welcoming new faces each day. We created a sense of belonging and we’re oh-so-proud.

We’ve mixed it up – there’s been old school friends getting together and new friendships made to last beyond this summer. We’ve been inclusive and friendly with lots of new faces, as children eligible for fully funded places as part of the HAF scheme joined us for the first time. We’ve celebrated teams and individuals. We’ve made billions of friendship bracelets; we’ve done happy dances when we heard about meetups between new friends taking place outside of Holiday Club time (and we’re thrilled to have been the place where it all started). We’ve shared interests and experiences; we’ve shared a summer of favourite things and unforgettable times!

photos of children attending holiday club stockport


It’s been a heady mix of fun and friendship this summer and we can’t wait for all the holiday clubs to come. You won’t be surprised to hear we’ve big plans for even more exciting and enriching activities! What’s not to love?

So, don’t wait, get over to Practically Family and sign up to our next club! It’s guaranteed to make your half-term or summer holiday practically perfect!
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