POD & PLAN Our 10 Hours+ Childcare Solution Full of Added Extras
Hands up if you like to get additional extras? – all the frills, the extra trimmings? The full kit and caboodle with the cherry on top?
If you’re already booking regular sessions with us and your hours typically get close to a total of 10 each week, you might want to consider switching to our POD & PLAN scheme. You see, POD & PLAN is absolutely bursting with some lovely added extras that our parents really should know about!

At Practically Family EVERY child in our care, whether they are with us for 1, 2, 10 or 30 hours, gets access to a learning environment that is designed to bring out their individual strengths, imagination, and creativity. Getting kids to thrive is what we love to do, no matter how long they are in our care each day. But if you are a parent frequently in need of 8-10 hours of childcare a week, it might be worth considering moving to our POD & PLAN scheme where you can unlock some EXTRA individual learning and development for your child.

In true Practically Family style, it’s not complicated or restrictive in anyway. The only requirement is that you need to commit to 10 hours a week.

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Interested? Here’s how it works.

POD & PLAN Requires 10 Hours of Flexible Childcare Each Week

If you’ve been dipping in and out of our childcare offering, you’ll know that we’re dedicated to providing deliciously educational fun for all ages irrespective of the amount of care you book with us.

If you move to POD & PLAN, you will need to commit to 10 hours of childcare every week but don’t worry – you’ll still get all the Practically Family flexibility you know and love. When and how you book your 10 hours is entirely up to you.

You can choose your preferred days or switch it up each week to best suit your schedule. You just simply need to book 10 hours or more each week to get the full benefit of POD & PLAN. If you’re booking 8 or 9 hours a week, adding one or two more hours is a no-brainer when you see what fab added extras are involved…

POD & PLAN is a Giant Childcare Hug Designed to Fit Your Child’s Growing Needs

POD & PLAN is all about unlocking MORE!  Yes, even more individualised learning and development structured around your child. Hooray!

Every Child on POD & PLAN will have their own 1:1 dedicated POD pal. One of our highly trained team will plan activities specifically tailored to your child that are designed to inspire, challenge and nurture their individual learning journey.

Parents will be given a personal login to Tapestry, an easy-to-use, super secure, online learning journal that helps record and track your child’s development. Through photos, videos, and written entries from their POD Pal, you’ll be able to see (and comment) on how your child is growing and developing. This means you’ll have record of those key moments and milestones, every single step of the way.

You’ll get regular catch ups with your child’s POD Pal so that you can check progress, ask any questions, and get constant feedback on how your little one is getting on.  With monthly goals, and regular weekly observations you’ll be up-to-date and involved with everything that’s happening.

With parents’ evenings built in every 6 months too, you’ll be able to have greater discussions about teaching plans, help set targets and discuss with your POD Pal any tweaks to your child’s learning.

It’s the epitome of our Practically Family childcare promise. Flexible, quality childcare, with absolute peace of mind for parents.

kids having fun

POD & PLAN’s Tailored Learning is All Cleverly Wrapped Up in The Early Years Curriculum

Everything we do in POD & PLAN is underpinned by the EYFS framework (Early Years Foundation Stage) and our learning-through-play ethos. By developing a tailored learning plan for each child, POD & PLAN provides extra time, space, and resources to fire up imaginations and allow children to grow in a way that is truly designed to suit them best.

Through dedicated 1:1 Support with their POD Pal, we can extend and deepen their learning by providing a varied curriculum for them to explore and discover at their own pace.

With the opportunity to try new things, ignite their imaginations, help problem solve and begin to understand the world around them, POD & PLAN offers a wonderful additional scope of individual development that will really help kids fly.

At Practically Family, we know that getting the right kind of childcare for your little one matters. If you’d like to know more about POD & PLAN and how it could work for your family, then get in touch with jade@practicallyfamily.co.uk

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