Add Self-Care to September with Our Top 5 Tips for Parents
As we pack away the summer beach towels and deflate the paddling pool, it’s time to think about self-care parent people! That’s right, September and school are here already.
If your child is a new-starter – maybe joining our POD for the first time, starting preschool or *gulp* even big school, you may find this new child-free time quite unfamiliar! For some parents, this time can also feel daunting. We know you’ll miss your little sidekick; you may even miss the eleventy-billionth request for snacks… but we promise you before you know it, having extra time in the day will become second nature!

So, if you fancy making the most of any spare time you find yourself with this September, then check out our 5 favourite self-care tips that will help you make the most of your ‘me’ time, however you choose to do you!

Self care ideas

1. Take Time Out with Friends to Reconnect

Reconnecting with friends is always top of our to-do list. Make the most of the school hours by grabbing your bestie and heading to a coffee shop or pulling in your mates for a 5-a-side. Imagine having full blown conversations not interrupted by small people! Sharing your updates and having a laugh will mean you’ll be less likely to worry about what your little one is doing. And just like that, before you know it, it’ll be pick up time!

Self care ideas

2. Try Something Creative

Doing something creative is a wonderful way to stimulate your mind and reconnect with the inner you. Yes, you may be a dab hand at Play Doh and poster paint, but this is your time to raise the creative bar a bit higher. Try something you’ve always wanted to do. Think pottery, cooking, wild swimming or creative writing. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to pick up an old skill, this time is a fantastic opportunity to flex those creative muscles once again. You’ll come away feeling refreshed, revived and pretty chuffed with yourself.

Self care ideas

3. Book a Date in the Diary

Having a diary of dates is another way to beat the back-to-school-blues. Instead of wondering how you’ll fill the school hours when you’re not working, instead fill your diary with fantastic things to do. Whether that’s visiting a National Trust place you always wanted to, arranging a lunch hour date with your partner, securing tickets to an upcoming match or getting your friends together to hit IKEA, having things planned is the perfect way to keep busy and feel like you’re getting stuff done.

Self care ideas

4. Add in Some Exercise

Moving your body is a great way to feel-good and is an essential part of self-care. Going for a lunchtime walk, a swim or even a run can boost your mood and give you that burst of feel-good endorphins. Whether you decide to start that couch to 5k, commit to that pre-work spin class or start hitting the gym seriously, you’ve finally got the time to do it. Building exercise into your routine, however small, is a wonderful way to help you feel good and take some all-important time out.

Self care ideas

5. Do Something Indulgent

Treating yourself is an important (and our favourite) part of self-care. After running around, getting all the to-do’s done and putting in a full day at work, it’s oh so easy to push your own needs to the bottom of the list. So, carve in some me time, whatever that looks like for you. From curling up on the sofa with that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages or booking in a sports massage to taking an indulgent shopping trip or binge watching a new Netflix series, finding the ‘thing’ that helps your heart sing is the perfect way to recharge and revitalise your inner parent person.

Why not add some self-care to your September? We know it’s tempting to try and catch up with household chores, DIY or cleaning when you have a bit of spare time but why not take some time-out from the to-do’s and make time to recharge your batteries?

Whether the kids are starting school and you’ve got some extra hours just for you or if you’d like to book your little one in for an extra session at our POD so you can take some much-needed timeout, we’ve got you covered!

We might even have some exciting news JUST for parents coming soon – watch this space!

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