Kid-Approved Adventures: A Day in the Life of Our Fun-Filled Holiday Club!
Join us as we take you behind the scenes on our epic holiday club adventures. Find out what we really get up to in the name of fun! At Practically Family, we pride ourselves on having the BEST most EXCITING days every day!
Our one-of-a-kind holiday clubs are expertly designed for kiddos to try new things, build their confidence and make new friends. Planning epic holiday club activities is our super-power, so we’re already busy working on all the exciting details weeks before our clubs even open. We’ve thought about everything, so you don’t need to. From bathroom break reminders to double-checking all our activities perfectly match all our kids’ ages, you can relax knowing we've got all the bases covered. All that’s left to do is enjoy the fun! Whether you’re new to our holiday club format or just interested to know a bit more about what we do, here’s a sneak peek into what makes our holiday clubs so magical!


Welcome to Our Holiday Club!

Before you’ve even stepped through the door, we’re busy making sure your welcome is as exciting as possible. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook we’ll have been sharing lots of updates and introducing you to the team. When you’ve booked, you’ll also receive our Crew email to get you and your little one prepped and ready to go!

Every morning, before you arrive, the balloons are inflated and the bubble machine is switched on ready to welcome you into the magic of holiday club. The entrance is via the lower playground gate (next to the park) but don’t worry it’s all clearly signposted - if in doubt follow the bubbles or give us a call (our holiday club phone number is 07939942334 and is available during Club time only)! We have one designated holiday club entrance, so please don’t access the school via an alternative route, for safety as much as anything else!

8-9am: Time to give a Big Welcome to Our Early Bird Wraparound Clubbers!

Excited early birds can join us from 8am. Our wraparound care does just as it promises - "wraps" around the core holiday club hours of 9am to 3pm. For those needing extended care, our wraparound program operates from 8am to 9am in the morning and from 3pm to 6pm in the afternoon. On arrival, simply look out for the flag corresponding to the colour crew you have booked and head over to register.

After receiving a warm welcome and plenty of smiles, our crew will chat with your little one about the exciting activities lined up for the day. If you need to drop off medicine or want to give us a heads up about any potential nerves or questions you (or your child) may have, this is the best time to do so.

We know how important it is to be able to chat with the crew, so don’t feel shy. Our job is to make sure your child feels comfortable and that parents are reassured. Feel free to grab us if you have any worries whatsoever!

Our team of ‘runners’ will then scoop up your little one and take them to their ‘area’ for the morning with their belongings safely stored in a designated spot (See our handy guide on what to bring). Our team are pretty awesome at distracting, exciting and reassuring kiddos, so don’t worry about any morning ‘wobbles’ or ‘jitters’ we will have everyone smiling in a jiffy!

We typically have 4 crews, green, blue, orange and yellow. Two start outside, this could be exploring the woodlands, messy play or taking part in activities in the marquees or den (outdoor classroom) and two start indoors with games, crafts and activities with their crew mates! These get rotated after lunch to make the most of the fresh air! Our morning wraparound kids get a choice of activities to immediately get stuck into. Whether its adult-led (like making playdoh) or child-led (think drawing or painting) or independent free play – we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy from the get-go!

9am: Registration Time! We Make Sure Everyone's Accounted for and Ready for Fun!

Holiday clubbers arriving for the core hours, experience the same warm welcome as our wraparound cohort. Registration kicks off at 9am. We suggest parents don’t arrive earlier than 8.50am or later than 9.10am so we can maintain our team ratios for the children in our care.

Each crew then heads off to circle time, which gives the kids chance to mingle and say ‘hello’. With lots of fun circle time icebreakers like asking “Who’s your favourite superhero” or “What’s your favourite flavour of ice-cream”, children can easily find other kids that share the same likes and interests and make new friends. Don’t worry if your little one can be a bit shy. There are plenty of team on hand to support them and children aren’t ever forced to participate in any introductions if they don’t want to! Then we move on to circle time games like “Duck, Duck, Goose” to get everyone warmed up and giggling. Finally, we let everyone know what fun things we have lined up for the day and tell them all about all the awesome activities they can enjoy!


10-12pm: Morning Magic

We're all about keeping little tummies happy and energy levels up. That's why we've got snack time pencilled in at 10 am sharp as we throw open those lunch boxes and see what delights are in store.

Each child’s holiday club adventure begins when they choose their first activity! Holiday club is all about letting kids flex their independence and call the shots. They are free to dive into whatever makes them excited! We always have an epic line-up of stuff we know they’ll love such as:

  • Adult-led activities that give kids support and guidance such as whipping up some cupcake magic with a helping hand from our crew.

  • Child-led activities that let little imaginations run wild! Kids can dive into cool stuff like aqua beads or master the art of threading solo.

  • Free play allows kids the chance to explore and learn at their own pace! They can choose to swing by our trim trail, hit the drama stage, or just let loose and have a blast.

  • Sports galore: Whether it's football or basketball, there’s always a game to be played with fellow holiday clubbers and crew!

Our WOW activities are well-known for being totally EPIC which means most kids can’t wait to join in and get involved! We make sure we have two WOW activities every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Designed to make everyone go “WOW”, we serve up mind-blowing experiences like making baking soda volcanoes or magical candy floss dissolving. It is jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing fun at its absolute best!

12pm: Lunch is Time to Fuel Up for More Fun

Lunchtime is our chance to refuel and keep those energy levels high. We grab our homemade packed lunches (no nut products please!) and head to the tables with our crew members. We're all about mixing it up, swapping seats and sparking new friendships so lunchtime is always lots of fun too. We know that when kids get immersed in activities, bathroom breaks can slip their minds – so we make sure we schedule plenty during the day. Kids have the freedom to go whenever they need to (of course) but we find little reminders always help keep everyone smiling.


1-3pm: Awesome Afternoon Session

Afternoons offer a chance to switch things up a bit which we always love. Crews move to a different afternoon area (remembering to bring their belongings) and then head to circle time to re-group and hear what new activities there are on offer. Like in the morning, there are 5 exciting activities to choose from including the much-loved WOW activity to enjoy.

Afternoon sessions also include some calming activities like yoga or breathing games to offset some of that post lunch giddiness. We let the kids decide what they fancy doing. From energetic sports to crafts or sensory play, we’ve got something on the agenda that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy.

3pm: Pick Up Time for the Kiddos

At 2.30pm, we round up the kids to collect their belongings and then gather everyone together for a little chat about the day's adventures and find out who’s coming tomorrow! We love soaking up all the buzz and banter about their day, and of course looking at any masterpieces (crafts, models or paintings) they're proudly taking home. Then, it's back to the coloured flags, ready for prompt pickup by parents at 3pm.

Picking up your child on time is a big deal - not just because by then they are BURSTING to share their day with you, but it also helps us keep our team-to-kid ratios in check (and avoids any pickup hiccups)! Just a friendly heads up - wraparound care is only for children who have been pre-booked onto the sessions beforehand. Unfortunately, kids can’t be added last-minute if something crops up, so please make sure you've got everything sorted ahead of time! The crew are always on hand at pickup to let you know how your little one’s day has been and to help make the handover as smooth as possible.


3-6pm: Afternoon Wraparound Antics

Kids staying in our afternoon wraparound session are in for an absolute treat. We like to make the end of the day feel just as special – there’s certainly no twiddling thumbs waiting for pick-up!  From obstacle courses to crazy challenge games, we immerse ourselves fully into some serious fun. Snack time is at 4pm and we provide a range of healthy snacks to keep energy levels strong before we look to maximise the remaining time each child has, depending on their collection.

Parents are free to collect at any time that suits them within the wraparound session hours. A crew member will always be at the gate to greet you and bring you to your child’s designated area for pickup. At handover, we are always available to let you know how your child’s day has been and tell you all about what they’ve been up to. There’s nothing better than seeing the kids in our care leaving us smiling and chattering about the exciting things they’ve enjoyed!

Our holiday clubs are child approved activity-filled days that are just jam-packed with fun! Holiday clubs are a fantastic way to keep the kids busy whilst also building their confidence and social skills too. If you think your child would be interested in joining us for a fun-packed day or even a full week then keep your eye on socials – spaces book fast! It’s flexible and fun holiday childcare guaranteed to banish boredom!

Find out more about our Holiday Clubs here! Please note: When a holiday club finishes we open up bookings for the next the following day.
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