5 Fun Winter Inspired Outdoor Activities the Kids will Love
Brrr winter is here! At Practically Family we love a bit of chilly weather! We’re already excited to continue with our winter nature exploration theme at The POD this term. We know that at this time of year it can be tempting to want to stay indoors, but winter is one of the BEST times to get the kids outside. Not only is fresh air fab for little ones, but the winter season is also full to the brim with lots of fun, easy (and educational) things to do. So, grab your hats, gloves and scarves and take advantage of the colder days with our 5 frosty fun activities that are guaranteed to keep your little ones busy!


Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt

Magnifying glasses at the ready! Winter walks are instantly transformed when you add in the excitement of a scavenger hunt. Head to your local woods, park or open space and see what you can discover! Before you head out, simply put together a list of items to look out for on your walk by either writing them on a piece of paper or print a free one available from places like Pinterest. Armed with a pencil to tick off discovered items, begin your exploration. Scavenger hunts are a brilliant way to boost your little one’s observation skills. Picking winter items to search for such as a tree that has no leaves can nicely lead into a conversation about the seasons. Using lots of describing words in your list by adding items like rough bark, smooth leaves and prickly holly can help kids differentiate between objects but also helps to boost their vocab too! Keep your eyes peeled for birds and squirrels and talk about their winter habitats. Being a nature detective is fun with a capital F - whatever the weather!


Create Incredible Ice Art

When the temperatures really drop what better way to have fun than to get excited about ice! When you know it’s going to be cold, pop out various sized containers filled with coloured water and allow them to freeze overnight. With lots of lovely science-y concepts for the kids to be introduced to (e.g. freezing and melting) by the morning you’ll have all the tools you need for some ice art! Simply remove the ice from the containers and begin! Will you create an ice sculpture or use the coloured ice to paint with? What happens to the ice the longer it stays indoors?  It’s brrr-illiant and so simple!

Discover Frost and Snowflakes

Hands up who loves snow? From building snowmen to going sledging, snow is winter’s most exciting activity! We’re always thrilled when we get a flurry! But if the snow doesn’t arrive this winter, don’t despair. Snow-inspired fun can still be on the agenda! If you’ve got early risers, take advantage of the morning by heading out into the garden to seek out some fantastic frost before the sun melts it away. See if you can find frost glistening on spider’s cobwebs, leaves or grass. Then, armed with ideas, head inside to make your own frost-inspired art. Look at pictures of spider’s webs or snowflakes and talk about their different shapes. This pattern inspired activity is also fab for working those fine motor skills! Using black paper, get your little one to outline a web or snowflake shape. Next get them to squeeze PVA glue along the lines and finally sprinkle the picture with glitter. Shake off the excess and you’ll have a sparkling web or snowflake of your own! The best bit? These delicate designs won’t ever melt!

Create a Winter Bird Feeder or Shelter

Looking after wildlife in the winter is an awesome activity that helps children to think about the natural world. Encourage your little one to look at the birds that are in your winter garden. Help them to spot different varieties such as robins, starlings or blackbirds by looking at their different colours, sizes and markings. Then talk about what birds might need in the winter and how we can help them. Building houses to give birds shelter from the cold or feeders to help birds get the food they need is a simple but brilliant activity for kids to do. All you need is a milk carton or small box. Simply cut out a hole large enough for a bird to access and let your little one design and decorate the outside. Then add some birdfeed to the inside and attach string to the top to hang in your garden. Don’t forget to pop it in a good viewing position from your window so you can sit back and watch the birds enjoy it!

Wrap up for Winter Inspired Story Time

For something different, wrap up warm and create a cosy outdoor reading nook! Grab lots of blankets and cushions and snuggle up to read some seasonal inspired stories and maybe even enjoy a hot chocolate too! Head to your local library and choose a selection of nature or winter themed books to enjoy together in your outdoor den. From Pip and Posy’s Snowy Day to The Bears Winter House there’s loads of options to choose from! You and your little one could even make up a winter inspired story of your own as you use your imaginations to bring your very own winter tale to life. Who doesn’t love a bit of literacy immersed in the great outdoors?


We love winter and all its nature inspired learning. If you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy, then why not head outside for some serious seasonal fun? It’s the perfect place to warm up little imaginations!
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