10 Stress Free Family Christmas Activities That are Cheap and Easy to Do!
It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year! There’s nothing better than the run up to Christmas, that fantastic fuzzy festive feeling, catching up with friends, relatives and of course the excitement and anticipation of Santa’s visit. But for many parents, this time of year (as wonderful as it is) can not only be exhausting but it can be expensive too. Parent admin is off the chart. It’s easy to feel swamped trying to keep on top of the plethora of school-to-dos and the mounting pressure of making magical memories for everyone.

So, this year, why not gift yourself a less stressful festive season? If you’re looking for some (simple and cheap) ways to keep the kids occupied this Christmas season, then we’ve got you covered!

We’ve picked 10 easy-peasy crafts and activities that are low cost, low prep and full to the brim with festive cheer! Go-on, ditch the festive overwhelm and dial down the pressure! These Christmas crackers are kid approved and sure to keep your spirits (and sanity) merry and bright however many you choose to do (or not!). Who’s counting anyway?

christmas activities for kids

1. Take a Christmas Lights Tour

Everyone loves Christmas lights! From excited toddlers to teens, so bundle them in the car for an impromptu Christmassy drive around your local lights! From your high street shop windows to neighbourhood displays that are simply spectacular, there’s always some houses that really go to town on their illuminations. Pop some festive tunes on, and maybe take hot chocolate in travel cups to accompany your trip. Whether you choose to do a scavenger hunt to see who can spot a reindeer, an angel or candy cane or simply want to enjoy some twinkling lights in all their glory, it’s one activity that gets you feeling festive in a jiffy!

2. Make a Christmas Wreath

Whether you choose to make a wreath from treasures found on your winter walks (think pinecones, acorns or leafy green branches wrapped around a foam or wire ring) or repurpose old Christmas decorations and stick them on a circle of cardboard, the kids will love this easy activity and you might even get chance to grab a cuppa at the same time. Hang it proudly on your front door and we guarantee it will be a talking point for all your visitors!

3. Enjoy a Christmas Movie Afternoon

From Santa Claus the Movie to Miracle on 34th Street, there’s a Christmas movie guaranteed to get everyone feeling festive! Snuggle down in your PJs with some cosy blankets, popcorn and simply sit back and enjoy! With the variety of fantastic Christmas movies out there everyone will have their favourite so this is an activity that you can do more than once on the run up to Christmas! (Result!) Why, it might even become a tradition! Perfect (easy) festive fun for all family.

4. Film a Christmas Video

Embrace the digital age and instead of sending Christmas cards why not send a family Christmas video instead? Maybe you’ve got little ones that love to dress up, then why not take advantage and make a Christmas message that the whole family will cherish for years to come? Either in front of your Christmas tree or with a few simple props, it’s a fun way to spread some Christmas cheer.

5. Go See a Christmas Production

Enjoy all the drama without the dramatic price tag! From a Christmas panto production in your church hall to a school nativity, not only are these loads of festive fun but supporting local groups will make you feel all fuzzy inside. Purse-friendly performances that are filled with festive cheer are a brilliant way to spend an evening on the run up to Christmas for any age. Check out your local theatres and community groups to see what’s on!

6. Read a Christmas Book

Reading Christmas stories is one of our favourite things to do! There are so many brilliant Christmas books that are perfect for December bedtimes when the kids are eagerly counting down the days! Head over to the library and check out some festive favs and see if they are hosting story-telling times for toddlers to enjoy. From The Night Before Christmas to the Christmas Postman, there’s a book to keep everyone’s spirits bright this Christmas season.

7. Visit Christmas Markets

Mooching around a Christmas market is a wonderful way to do something festive with all the family and maybe even pick up some stocking fillers at the same time! Markets are popping up all over on the run up to Christmas, so you’re guaranteed to find one near you. With no booking required (yay), lines of beautifully decorated stalls and the enticing smell of mince pies, roasted chestnuts and (for the adults) mulled wine, it’s a brilliant way to spend an evening in December. You’ll be humming carols all night long!

8. Spend Some Time Giving Back

It’s never too early to teach your child about the joy of giving. Whether that’s donating to a food bank, giving unwanted toys to charity or simply making homemade gifts for people they know, Christmas is the perfect time to talk about charity and kindness. If you’re looking for ways of teaching your child about the concept of giving back, then check out our FREE Christmas Bundle of printables, which includes a fantastic ‘Acts of Kindness’ advent calendar, brimming with lots of lovely age-appropriate ways that kids can experience the wonderful gift of giving this year!

9. Attend Free Local Events

Festive fun doesn’t always need to include a price tag. From attending the switching on of the Christmas lights, free craft sessions in the library or Christmas sing-a-longs in the parks, you may be surprised to discover a whole host of activities and events that are available for free or a token donation. Try Googling “What’s on near me” to see what’s planned in your area.

10. Write a Letter to Santa

This is one Christmas tradition everyone loves! There’s nothing more exciting than writing a letter to the big man himself! It’s also a great way to get the kids to practise their best handwriting! For pre-schoolers or school age children, why not use one of our handy letter templates to make it a bit easier? Sign up to our newsletter and you can access not only these fab templates, but we’ve also added a reply from Santa that you can print off and send back to your children! From pre-schoolers to older believers this is brilliant festive fun with a sleigh bell on top.

christmas activities for kids

‘Tis the season to make life a little bit easier. At Practically Family we’re all about giving parents a helping hand. If you’re struggling to think up ways to keep kids entertained this Christmas, then why not give one of our quick and easy ideas a try? But whatever you do, don’t feel like you need to do everything. Honestly the kids won’t care if you do the lot or just a few. This year say no to the pressure to do it all. We promise you won’t end up on the naughty list!
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