How it works

With flexibility at the heart of the childcare we offer, you choose how to make the most of our family friendly services.

Once parents experience the ease and expertise of Practically Family, we find they keep coming back for more.

Like the families who use our Parent Partners for every day nannying, but then call in our Great Entertainers to keep the little one’s entertained at a milestone birthday.

Or the children who had the time of their lives at one of our Holiday Clubs and who beg their parents to continue the fun with our After-School Clubs!

Or those who love the flexibility of our pay as you go POD and make use of our Great Minders for their next night out.

We’re like one big family

Once you’ve registered with us, you are Practically Family, opening up a wide range of fantastic and flexible childcare solutions.

  • Our simple online booking system for The POD and Holiday Clubs is completely free and easy to use, giving you access to amazing childcare options when you need it.

  • If you’re looking for magic childcare at a moment’s notice, then for just £50 per year you can also register and book any one of our Great Minders - ready to swoop in at the drop of a hat with their famous entertainment kits.

  • For those families looking for a nanny like no other to join their family, then it’s simply a matter of getting in touch so we can meet and create the perfect, long term, partnership.

Parenting life has moved on, don’t you think it’s time childcare caught up? We do!

  • Ofsted Regulated

  • Teacher led, qualified, First Aid Trained, DBS checked team members

  • Payment accepted from Childcare Choices / Tax Credits / Childcare Vouchers

Head over to our Services to sign up for one, more, or all of our childcare solutions and sprinkle some Practically Family magic over your life.
If you’d like to find out more about the practical magic we can bring to your family please get in touch.
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