Our Services
Whether you’re looking for flexible childcare during weekdays and weekends, exciting adventures during the school holidays, specialist care for children that need that extra helping hand or the one-on-one care and support of a nanny – we offer a range of practical services. All of which are perfect for modern families looking for modern childcare solutions.
Take A Peep At The POD
Flexible plays, longer stays, pre-school days.

The POD is a creative, flexible childcare setting that fits around you and dotes on them. We provide the same Ofsted registered, teacher led provision you would get in a nursery, with all the flexibility of a crèche. We get that life isn’t 9 to 5. That’s why you can get as much or as little support as you need, whether you want to arrange your entire year of childcare in advance, organise it the day before or prepare your child for school with our magical pre-school. No contracts, no commitment…just of peace of mind and happy faces.

Let The Adventure Begin
Holiday Clubs
Holiday Clubs for adventurous and creative spirits.

Make the holidays fun again with a solution that captures everyone’s imagination. No more shuttling siblings from club to club, or singularly focussed activities that the kids decide they don’t want to do anymore, or guilt over worrying whether your little one is having a great time. Our wide range of activities appeal to all, from den builders to big gamers, budding bakers to portrait painters. Run by our fully qualified, creative and inventive coordinators, our Ofsted regulated Holiday Club offers a huge range of indoor and outdoor activities to entertain and inspire all ages in a captivating and safe environment.

Find Out How We’re Here For You
Family Circle
A partnership with local authorities and families in need of specialist care.

Every child deserves the best start in life but, sometimes for whatever reason, the things most people take for granted are simply out of reach. Our specialist support team is here to bridge that gap for children, young adults, families and carers who need an extra helping hand. Whether it's physical, emotional, educational or behavioural support, or simply a friend, our compassionate team works alongside families and local authorities to make their family circle complete.