Continuous Learning Commitment
Continuous Learning isn’t just for little brains but big ones too. Keeping up with young enquiring minds means that as a team we’re constantly seeking inspirations, exploring new approaches and being open minded to new ways of thinking.

We will expand our minds

We won’t stick to one existing approach like ‘Montessori’ or ‘loose parts play’. We will commit to gaining the most amount of knowledge from the whole big world of childcare so that we can select the best bits from all the theorists and styles to suit each individual child – with a sprinkle of POD magic!

We will encourage growth

We will continue to encourage growth, development and innovation amongst our team. We will invest in learning and provide a framework for team development to improve overall performance of and enhance the skills we use to teach our children.

We will be led by our kids

We will take inspiration from the children and celebrate child-led learning. We will have open minds and embrace all knowledge and understanding.

We will keep learning

We will continue to learn about the world around us so that we can always provide a fresh curriculum that inspires and intrigues young minds.