Practically Family’s Preschool Highlights from a Sensational Summer Term
Okay we’ll admit it, we’re slightly obsessed about our recent summer term of fun!
It’s been a sensational syllabus full of terrific topics and lots of lovely learning. Preschool has been positively packed with a rich, immersive range of all-round awesomeness. We whipped up a magical combo of myths and legends that saw us going back in time. We flew to the moon (just for fun) and came back to earth exactly when the dinosaurs walked it. To mark the end of this terrific time for all our little learners, we thought we’d share a few of our brilliant, best-bits from our super summer term at preschool.

Magnificent Myths and Legends - Summer Term 1

At the start of the summer term, we added an extra sprinkle of magic to our learning with our much-loved topic ‘myths and legends.’ We joined King Arthur at the royal courts of Camelot and learnt all about this terrific tale of bravery and honour. What could be better than joining the knights of the round table battling dragons or even making spells and potions just like wizard Merlin? Like the legend of King Arthur, we made our own sword in the stone and explored which materials were easier to pull out of water – cotton wool, playdough, sand or bricks. It got us thinking about really clever things like the weight and object buoyancy – and how easy (or not) it was to pull them out.

We role played being brave knights on galloping horses and made shields complete with our very own coat of arms. We learnt lots of lovely new vocabulary and thought about what we would do if we really were King or Queen for the day!

children with a bow and arrow learning at nursery school wilmslow The POD

The legendary English hero Robin Hood is a character all our children loved. To immerse ourselves in Robin Hood’s world we built our own forest den hideouts and practiced our hand-eye coordination (and aim) with bows and arrows made from natural materials. We looked at the push and pull parts of a bow and arrow (and learnt some more science-y bits without realising it). We explored the idea of more or less by adding or subtracting with our medieval bags of gold. As outlaw Robin steals from the rich and gives to the poor, we thought about the difference between ‘good’ characters and ’bad’ characters in stories. With Little John and Robin hood singalongs and lots of lovely percussion, this fantastic folktale was a merry topic enjoyed by all.

Next we headed to bonny Scotland to explore the mythical tale of the Loch Ness Monster. First, we found where Scotland was on our map and learnt about all the countries that make up the UK. We imagined what Nessie might look like and created our own Nessie fact files about this intriguing beast. We looked at the silhouette images captured of this mythical creature and used the lovely summer sunshine to create our own shadow imagery of Nessie’s in various shapes and sizes. We made yummy Nessie cakes and designed our own colourful tartans and talked about different patterns. We explored lakes as habitats and thought about how big Nessie would be, what it might eat and what things we might need if we were going on a Nessie Hunt!

Planet Earth - Summer Term 2

For the second half of summer term we got excited about planet Earth. The weather is a super topic for children. It allows them to think about the world around them in a hands-on-way. It helps them to understand how the weather effects our landscapes, helps our plants grow and shapes our seasons. We embraced all the seasons and made some wonderful weather inspired art from a variety of materials like fluffy cotton wool clouds and unique snowflakes cut from cleverly folded paper. We also honed our scientific skills by creating windowsill weather stations where we tried to predict what would happen to the shape of pinecones if it rained or was sunny. We also tested whether our pinecones would float or sink in water and if their shape (open or closed) changed their ability to float.

We said goodbye to planet earth for a bit thanks to our Mega Mind Series (where the children get to choose what they learn about) when we were sent on an expedition to the moon! We built our own rockets to take us there (obviously) and drew flags to mark our arrival. The adventure helped us come up with some clever comparisons between our planet Earth and the different surface and landscape of the moon as well as finding out what an amazing journey the moon makes as it orbits earth!

children learning about plant earth at nursery school The POD in Wilmslow

When we came back from the moon, we explored the history of our planet at the time of the dinosaurs. We learnt a lot of big dinosaur-y names like brachiosaurus and triceratops and looked through oodles of non-fiction books that told us lots of facts about the different sizes, shapes and features of some of our favourite dinosaurs. As the dinosaurs were known for being so BIG, we challenged ourselves to put the dinosaurs in size order. We even made our own fossils out of salt dough and pretended to excavate them.

After exploring the Jurassic period, we brought our thoughts back to our planet today and how we can look after it for future generations. Recycling is a practical way for kids to understand how to help protect our earth by repurposing items. Recycled art is not only a great way to bring this idea to life, but it encourages creativity as the recycled items turn into a one-of-a-kind creation! We thought about being mindful of our waste and how its important to protect our planets and oceans from rubbish.

children learning about dinosaurs at preschool The POD in wilmslow

We ended the summer term enjoying traditional music from all around the world. We talked about how the different types of music made us feel and which sounds and rhythms we liked best. Being aware of our planet and the rich musical diversity within it enables our children to expand their artistic and cultural curiosity and encourages their unique creative expression to thrive!

Summer term at preschool has been full to the brim with excitement and exploration and we’ve loved every minute. From topics filled with truckloads of learning to a curriculum crammed with fun, we simply can’t wait for September!

Hands up who’s excited!
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